2015 county fair veg and flower

4-H Members prepare flowers and vegetables for exhibit at the fair

2015 county fair state fair exhibits

Sewing and art projects on display at 4-H Fair.

2015 county fair veggie art

Projects done throughout the year are recognized at 4-H Fair.

2015 county fair cake winners

Contests in the youth building develop skills.

2015 county fair flower arranging

Contests teach the youth presentation skills

County & State Fair

Introducing FairEntry – the Online Fair Management System

The Steuben County 4-H Program is excited to announce a transition to the FairEntry online fair management system for the 2019 Steuben County Fair. Beginning June 3, please log on to http://steubencountyfair4h.fairentry.com from your computer or any mobile device (including smartphones) to submit your entries to the fair. The new online entry system will streamline the entry process so, check-ins, show programs and results can be processed and posted quickly and efficiently.

Online entries will be required for all exhibitors. The deadline for online entries is July 15th. This deadline will be strictly enforced since the system will close entries at 11:59 p.m. CT on this date. Late entries will not be allowed. We have included instructions for the entry process here.  
You can watch a video tutorial here.

If you do not have internet access or need assistance with the entry process, the Steuben County  4-H Office will be open at the following times for exhibitors to come in, set up their accounts and ask any questions.

  • July 9th, 5-7 p.m.
  • July 11th, 5-7 p.m.
  • Call to set up an appointment!

If you have any questions about the process, feel free to stop in or give us a call during regular business hours for assistance. We look forward streamlining these processes to make your fair experience the best yet!

Download this memo here .


As of May 15 th, NYS Ag & Markets sent the following updates:

  1. We will be accepting the same forms of cattle and swine identification as we did last year.
  2. Due to a national shortage of a chemical needed to run pullorum tests, we are waiving the pullorum test requirement for New York origin poultry. Poultry coming from out of state will still need a negative pullorum test.

RFID Tags Required

Pullorum Requirement Suspension Notice


4-H Fairs helps youth develop vital life skills such as leadership, organization, thinking critically, setting goals, time management, and communications. We've all seen photos of long-ago county fairs, when people from around the town would gather to show off and celebrate the town's main focus - agriculture. Today, county fairs remain vibrant venues, changing to reflect their communities yet remaining a treasured annual tradition and attracting scores of new families, as well as faith fair-goers.

4-H fairs offer 4-H members the opportunity to grow in many ways.

  • Exhibiting helps youth learn to set goals, work toward those goals, develop standards, get a sense of achievement and to communicate effectively about what they have done.
  • 4-H members have the chance to educate fair-goers on a variety of topics including 4-H and the importance of agriculture.
  • 4-H members gain leadership and volunteer experience by helping to plan, organize and run county fairs.

Find out more about what impacts 4-H Youth Development has on youth.


Kim Randall
4-H/Youth Development

Last updated July 26, 2019