2015 county fair veg and flower

4-H Members prepare flowers and vegetables for exhibit at the fair

2015 county fair state fair exhibits

Sewing and art projects on display at 4-H Fair.

2015 county fair veggie art

Projects done throughout the year are recognized at 4-H Fair.

2015 county fair cake winners

Contests in the youth building develop skills.

2015 county fair flower arranging

Contests teach the youth presentation skills

County & State Fair

4-H Fairs helps youth develop vital life skills such as leadership, organization, thinking critically, setting goals, time management, and communications. We've all seen photos of long-ago county fairs, when people from around the town would gather to show off and celebrate the town's main focus - agriculture. Today, county fairs remain vibrant venues, changing to reflect their communities yet remaining a treasured annual tradition and attracting scores of new families, as well as faith fair-goers.

4-H fairs offer 4-H members the opportunity to grow in many ways.

  • Exhibiting helps youth learn to set goals, work toward those goals, develop standards, get a sense of achievement and to communicate effectively about what they have done.
  • 4-H members have the chance to educate fair-goers on a variety of topics including 4-H and the importance of agriculture.
  • 4-H members gain leadership and volunteer experience by helping to plan, organize and run county fairs.

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Kim Randall
4-H/Youth Development

Last updated February 19, 2019