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Steuben County Meat Locker

The Corning Meat Locker is a community freezer space for storing bulk purchases of locally-raised meat. Though many people are interested in buying meat locally and in bulk, many lack adequate freezer space at home. As a solution to this barrier, we posed the idea of a Meat Locker, just like ones that were frequently used in the 50's and 60's. Our large, walk-in freezer is located conveniently in downtown Corning, at 55 Ferris St.. Locker members rent a plastic bin (either a small for $8 or a large for $10 a month) within which they can store their meat. Bins are stacked neatly within the freezer, which maintains a cool 0 degrees. In these conditions, your meat will stay perfectly fresh for up to and often times over a year.

Become a Meat Locker Member

Anyone interested in joining the Meat Locker can do so - the first step is to arrange your bulk purchase. Determine what kind of meat you'd like to purchase, how much, and decide on which farm you'd like to buy from. Searching MeatSuite is an easy way to a get a head start! Arrange your purchase, pay the farmer, and determine whether you'll pick up the meat or have it delivered to the Meat Locker. When all these details are arranged, emailed Project Coordinator Stephanie Mehlenbacher at to set up your intake appointment. Please make this appointment at least 72 hours in advance of when you would like to make your the drop-off.

Be sure to arrive with your meat completely frozen and vacuum-sealed. A staff member will weigh out each cut and record it in our books- when finished, you will received a detailed list of all cuts checked in to your bin.

The rest is up to you! Take out as much or as little meat from your bin at a time as you would like. We ask that you notify staff at least 48 hours in advance if you'd like to make a pick-up appointment, or 72 hours in advance if you'd like to schedule a drop-off. Only local meat may be stored inside the Meat Locker, with occasional exceptions. Locally-hunted venison is also acceptable for storage in the locker.

The Meat Locker is one aspect of the Finger Lakes Meat Project, which strives to promote local meat affordability while preserving small farm viability. We are primarily funded by the USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program, and have also received a great deal of support from generous donors in our community. You can find us online at We are on Facebook at, Twitter as @FLXMeatProject, and Local Food Lab as Finger Lakes Meat Project.

Last updated June 7, 2018