Speaker Series

Fiber Farm Fundamentals:

Alpacas 101
It’s easy to own these exotic creatures
with long legs, big eyes, and fluffy fleeces

This presentation showed what is involved with raising alpacas…it is actually easier and less expensive than you think! And what do you do when the fleece is off the animal? There was time to enjoy an in-depth tour of their on-site fiber processing mill where the visitors learned about:

  • Buying
  • Breeding
  • Boarding
  • Birthing
  • The BIG things!

Jeff Jorritsma is President of the Empire Alpaca Association and Treasurer of the Mid Atlantic Alpaca Association Board of Directors. He and his wife, Leslie, own Autumn Mist Alpaca Farm & Fiber Mill LLC.They got involved with alpacas 15 years ago and travel year round to showcase these beautiful animals.Their mill processes fleece from all across the country.

It all happened at:

Autumn Mist Alpaca
Farm & Fiber Mill LLC
11579 Wessie Road
Prattsburgh, NY

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Last updated August 18, 2021