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Our next Presentation will be April 7

Dive into how heat pumps are an attractive alternative for your heating AND cooling needs and say goodbye to your old clunky heating system.

If you are saying…

  • My current heating system needs repairs or is dying
  • My heating costs are expensive with oil, propane, kerosene, or electric-resistance heating
  • My home uses plug-in electric heaters or my oven to keep me warm
  • My excitement to lower my carbon footprint is high
  • My family or staff members and customers have health needs that this would help

…then get pumped with us and find out what you can do today!

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Missed our Speaker Series session in January?

Join Julie Walenta, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and Regional Environmental Nutritionist for CCE-Steuben, to discover strategies on how to tackle your quarantine weight gain.

Come learn:

  • How small changes to your environment support weight loss
  • Tips and tricks to help realign your eating habits toward a healthy weight
  • How to manage food cravings
  • The underlying causes for weight gain and what to do about them

Watch the recording of this presentation here

Download the slides from the presentation here



Missed our Speaker Series session in July?

No worries - the recording is right here for you to enjoy at your leisure. Click on the photo below to begin.



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Last updated January 19, 2021