Brainstorming Session on Avoiding Serious Farm Injuries

  • Friday, April 7, 2017, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Machinery entanglements are one of the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities on farms. One of the prime dangers: power take-offs, or PTOs. PTOs rotate at up to 1,000 rpm (16.6 times per second) to power implements, and can entangle unsuspecting victims in an instant, often resulting in severe, disabling injuries or death.

While it is possible to guard PTOs, approximately one-third to one-half of shields are missing from PTO drivelines, and still others remain in place, but are damaged. Damaged PTO shields can be just as dangerous as an unshielded PTO.

We have been working to understand and address this issue. Our goal is to help farmers overcome the barriers they face in installing and maintaining PTO driveline shields. We’ve already identified an improved, low-cost, universal fit PTO shield (manufactured by BareCo), which eliminates most of the barriers noted by farmers.

Pamela J Tinc, Senior Research Coordinator, Northeast Center for Occupational Health and Safety, will be the presenter.


Civil Defense Center
7220 State Route 54
Bath, NY 14810