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Steuben County Dairy Festival

  • Saturday, June 1, 2019, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

63rd Annual Steuben County Dairy Festival

Saturday June 01, 2019

Bath, New York

In 1957 Onnolee Wheaton was Lecturer of the Steuben County Pomona Grange. She read an article in a dairy magazine regarding a milk promotion festival held in another area. She approached Roland “Bud” Pierce who was Master of the Steuben County Pomona Grange and the Steuben County Dairy Festival was born.

The first Dairy Festival was held on June 29, 1957 in Hornell. It took just two weeks to plan. We now begin planning and organizing in January, taking five months. In 1958 the Festival was held in Bath. Originally the Dairy Festival was intended to alternate locations between Hornell and Bath but, due to Bath’s central location and it being home to the Steuben County Fairgrounds, the Festival has been held Bath, on the first Saturday in June (June is Dairy Month), ever since.

The Dairy Festival was instituted to promote the heritage and importance of the American Dairy Industry and to bridge the divide between Famers and Non-Farmers. Over the years “Dairyland” has appeared in most of our themes. Dairyland represents all of us. The divide between Rural America and Urban America has gotten larger and we want to remind people where their food comes from and that Rural America is essential to our existence and survival.

The Festival reached a Fifty year benchmark in 2006 and after due consideration it was decided to discontinue the Festival but the community spoke and they were heard. We discovered that the Dairy Festival had become a family tradition that had been passed from generation to generation. It was decided that the legacy needed to continue and the Dairy Festival was given new life. A small group of former committee members re-organized and ten years later we are still working diligently to bring the Dairy Festival to the community.

The Steuben County Dairy Festival Committee is a standing committee of the Steuben County Pomona Grange. The General Chairman and all committee Chairman must be Grange Members but other committee members do not need to be Grange members. Some of our committee members and volunteers have been involved for decades. Over the last Sixty years as many as three to five generations of the same families have worked to bring this event to the community.

We would like all of our supporters and all of the dedicated people whom have worked so hard over the last sixty years to bring the Dairy Festival to the people of Steuben County.

Our mailing address is P.O. Box 733, Bath, New York 14810-0733. Like us on Facebook. Email us at SCDairyFestival@gmail.com

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