Building a Community Legacy Together

  • Sunday, December 31, 2017, 12:15 AM - 11:45 PM

The youth from our Building a Community Legacy Together program presented the results of their findings from their interviews with community elders at a recent public event. 

CCE Steuben is participating in the Cornell University research project, Building A Community Legacy Together (BCLT). The BCLT is based on the success of the Cornell Legacy Project in which more than 1,000 Americans over the age of 65 were interviewed to seek their practical advice on issues such as education, work and career, dating and marriage, raising children, finding happiness, and avoiding regrets.

The BCLT program trains youth to interview elders ages 65 + about their general advice for living a happy and successful life. In addition to learning about older people’s life lessons and engaging in a community service experience, the program exposes the youth to social science methods, including interviewing skills and techniques to interpret and analyze interview data.

The BCLT program gathers the wisdom of older Americans so their advice for living can be passed down to future generations. It allows youth to learn about older people and aging and is expected to create respect for the wisdom of age and combat ageism. It also provides youth with an opportunity to develop skills sets that will be useful to them in the future such as interviewing and research skills.

Local 4-H participants were trained and then partnered with seniors from across Steuben County for the interviews. The youth identified the life lessons they learned for this presentation of their findings.