Agricultural and Veterinary Technology Skills Contest

  • Thursday, October 12, 2017, 8:30 AM - 1:15 PM

Alfred State College will host our 31st Annual Agricultural and Veterinary Technology Skills Contest. The objective for the contest is to provide a fun learning situation coupled with the motivation of competition. Three different skill contest areas will be offered. Since the contests run concurrently, each student will only be able to compete in one skill area.

Registration: Pre-registration can be made by emailing (warrenjl@alfredstate.edu) or faxing (607-587-4721) registration forms before October 4, 2017. Pre-registration will speed up the registration process the morning of the contests and enable us to start on time. We cannot make accommodations for lunch if students are not pre-registered and paid in advance. The registration fee of $10.00 per student will cover contest costs and will include lunch provided by our award-winning catering staff.

Skill contest areas:

Companion and Small Animal – Held at the Veterinary Technology building

Agricultural Skills – held at the college farm complex

Tractor Driving – held at the Lake Lodge

What to bring:

Make sure students dress for the weather. Several of the competitions will be held outside or unheated barns. Students should also bring pencils and clipboards!

Schedule of Activities:

8:30-9:30 Student drop-off. Drop off students competing in the Ag Skills contest at the farm first. Drop off students competing in tractor driving at the Lake Lodge second. Drop off students competing in Companion and Small Animal at the Vet Tech Center third.
9:30-11:30 Skill Competitions
11:30-12:00 Buses pick students up from the farm, and Vet Tech Center, and deliver them to the Lake Lodge for lunch.
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45-1:15 Awards
1:15 Program concludes. Buses pick students up from the Lake Lodge


Safe Tractor Driving: Held in the Lake Lodge. Individual Contest limited to the first 20 registrants. Students MUST be pre-registered and prepaid. No more than two students per school. Contest open to students aged 14 and older with experience in the safe operation of modern agricultural tractors. Awards to the top 5 individuals from each course.

Driving event (two courses)

Examination on tractor safety, operation

Agricultural skills Contest: Held at the farm complex. Meet and sign-in at the dairy barn. Teams of three. Awards to the top 10 individuals in Animal Science, Agronomy, Farm Safety/Mechanics; and the top 25 individuals and top 10 overall teams.


Animal Science


Mechanics/Farm Safety

Companion and Small Animal Contest: Held at the Vet Tech Center. Teams of three will compete. Awards will be given to the top 10 individuals in Animal Knowledge/Handling, Health Equipment, and to the top 10 teams.


Animal Knowledge/Handling

Health Equipment

We are looking forward to seeing you at Agricultural and Veterinary Technology Skills Day!


Kim Randall
4-H/Youth Development


Alfred State College
10 Upper College Dr.
Alred, New York 14802