25 Ways to LUV your money

  • Thursday, February 8, 2018, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Recent research shows that nearly three-quarters of people surveyed wish they had a better understanding of their finances. Cornell Cooperative Extension can help with that task by offering a free workshop entitled 25 Ways to LUV Your Money.

Understanding and managing your money has never been more important. CCE-Steuben Financial Educator Nancy Reigelsperger will cover the basics:

  • Saving - Saving is crucial for your well being and for weathering the good and bad financial milestones in life.
  • Budgeting - The best way to stretch, save and spend wisely is to build a budget.
  • Credit - You need to manage credit cards wisely by understanding that they come with responsibilities.
  • Managing Debt- You need to set reasonable goals in reasonable time frames.
  • Identity Theft - Learn how to protect yourself

We will offer a clear and simple guide on how to live happily within your means, mange budgets and use financial services wisely. Now is the time to  make the most of your money and develop a plan for this phase of your financial life. Enjoy your life...love your money.

This class is free, but please call to reserve your space at 607-664-2300.


Nancy Reigelsperger
Financial/Energy Education
(607) 664-2573


Southeast Steuben County Library
300 Nasser Civic Center Plaza
Corning, New York 14830