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Produce Growers Meeting

  • Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

2019 Allegany-Cattaraugus Produce Growers Meeting

9:30 am – 3:30 pm, January 29th, 2019

Genesee Valley Produce Auction House

8855 Co. Rd. 3, Freedom, NY 14065

Pre-register by noon on January 24th to be included in the lunch count.
Phone registrations accepted at 585-406-3419
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9:30 AMWelcome, Introductions, and Housekeeping

9:40 AMSoil Health and Fertility Management

Nelson Miller

Mr. Miller is an experienced grower who has fine-tuned his soil management.He will share how
he ensures good fertility and optimal root conditions for vegetable production on his Ohio farm.

10:40 AM
Spotted Lantern Fly Updates
Elizabeth Buck, CCE Cornell Vegetable Program

Spotted Lantern Fly poses a serious risk to orchard, grape, maple, hops, and forestry products.New York State has established quarantine protocols on goods coming from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Virginia to try to stop the introduction of this invasive pest.Learn how to identify and report Spotted Lantern Fly and what paperwork you must request when procuring agricultural items from quarantine zones.

10:50 AM  Break

11:00 AM
Tomato Disease and Nutrition Updates
Judson Reid, CCE Cornell Vegetable Program

Late blight destroyed area tomato crops in 2018, but it wasn’t the only disease that caused crop losses. This talk will go over what common tomato problems were and how to prevent them.New information regarding tomato fertility will also be presented.

11:30 AM
Growing Onions and Managing My Produce Business
Jake YoderMr. Yoder is an expert grower of sweet onions and routinely produces massive bulbs for the Chautauqua auction market.He has learned how to prepare and present his crops to garnish the best auction prices possible.Mr. Yoder will also discuss the skills he has developed to successfully manage his produce business.

12:00 PM  Lunch

1:00 PM
Auction Updates
Genesee Valley Produce Auction Board

1:15 PM
Starting good crops

Elizabeth Buck, CCE Cornell Vegetable Program
This talk will cover spacing, fertility, and cultural practices for several popular crops.

1:45 PM
GAPS Benefits/Advantages at the Seneca Produce Auction
Jesse Stoltzfus

Why might an auction house consider GAPs certification?What is involved in becoming a GAPs certified grower, and why is it beneficial?How has the Seneca Produce Auction found the Food Safety Modernization Act training experience? What resources are available to help ID and implement feasible ways to improve farm food safety?

2:05 PM
Raising Beautiful Flowers
Jonas Peachey

Mr. Peachey has years of experience raising high-quality bedding plants and baskets for the auction and farm stand markets.He will share tips for delivering consistent product and discuss how to anticipate and meet buyer preferences.

2:25 PM  Break

2:40 PM
Growing Organic Produce and High Tunnel Tomatoes
John Stoltzfus

As a certified organic grower, John adds a valuable product line to the offerings at the Seneca Produce Auction.He harnesses the many benefits of cover crops to manage his farm. John raises 2 acres of high tunnel tomatoes and a variety of field produce.

3:00 PM
Panel Discussion, Q&A
– facilitated by Judson Reid
Time for attendees to ask production oriented questions of the expert grower panel. Cornell Vegetable Program staff will be on-hand to answer crop protection questions.

3:30 PM  Wrap Up 


Ariel Kirk
Agriculture Educator


Genesee Valley Produce Auction House
8855 Co. Rd. 3
Freedom, New York 14065

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