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March Madness is fully underway, but brackets aren’t restricted to the basketball court. The fifth annual Financial Four is here, via the National Endowment for Financial Education and the Financial Planning Association. The site helps users decide which financial areas are most important for them this year with 32 interactive brackets. Based on the votes of financial advisors, the 2016 Financial Four — that is, concepts Americans should make top priorities this year — are to start saving early, use credit responsibly, live within their means and rein in debt. That sounds pretty good to me. You can figure out your own Financial Four here. - Jean Chatzky. 

Credit Reports and Scores
America Saves
Feed the Pig
Association for Financial Empowerment
Get a Free Credit Report Three Times a Year
Tracking Cash Expenses
Know Your Card
Manage your Social Security Online
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
Jean Chatzky: Making Money Make Sense
Healthy Housing Standards
Estimate Your Credit Score
How to Prevent Identity Theft
How long will it take to pay off your credit card?
Owning a Home
Planning for Holiday Spending
Keeping Family/Household Records
Consumer Action News (mobile payments)
Mobile Payment Security


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Last updated April 5, 2016