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Master Money Mentor Program

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County has a financial program that can lend a helping hand with your financial challenges. They have trained Master Money Mentors ready to work with you one-on-one either in person, via zoom, or by telephone. The program is free to the public in Steuben County.

Maybe you've tried everything, but still can't pay your bills on time, or maybe you’ve experienced a job loss, illness, or divorce. Maybe you feel like your life is spinning out of control from overuse of credit. Whatever the reason for your financial concerns, it might be time to speak to a Master Money Mentor to help you put together a plan to pay off your debt and make positive financial decisions.

Financial skills can help you take control of your money. A Master Money Mentor can help you lay out a personal money plan. The educator will help you gather information on your debts, living expenses, and income and help you analyze that information. With an educator you can explore different options for meeting your goals for debt reduction and financial management to meet your personal needs and circumstances. YOU set the goals for what you want to achieve, and your educator will help you think about ways to achieve them.

Because every person’s circumstances are unique, a Master Money Mentor will work with you to help you achieve your goals and/or create a personalized budget and money-saving tips based on your needs. We understand it’s not always easy to talk about personal things like money, but any information you share with a mentor stays safe, secure and confidential. And this service is free of charge.

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s program does not have money to assist with paying bills, we are strictly an education service. When you have completed at least two sessions with a Mentor, you may be eligible for a $25 local gift card.

To get started with a Master Money Mentor, contact: Nancy Reigelsperger, CCE Steuben Financial Educator at 607-664-2300 or 607-664-2573 or by emailing

Last updated March 9, 2022