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Move Forward

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What is Move Forward?

Move Forward is an educational program that is designed to help individuals identify steps they can take to improve the quality of life for themselves and/or their families.

It begins with a person completing a survey tool called the Stoplight. It’s a visual, comprehensive assessment tool to help a person see how well they are doing overall.

After reflecting on their responses with the Facilitator/Progress Partner, the person identifies areas they would like to improve.

The Progress Partner provides information about local resources that could help address the issue.

The person then creates an action plan.

After a few months, the person takes the survey again to identify what worked and any additional steps to take.

How does Move Forward utilizing the Stoplight help people?

It helps people see their strengths as well as stumbling blocks in a simplified way.

It recognizes the person as the decision-maker rather than an object for others to judge or manipulate.

It helps break down the complications of life into manageable and understandable pieces.

It connects people to the resources they need to move forward in areas where they are struggling.

What is the Stoplight Tool? The Stoplight Tool is a web-based self-assessment survey that defines

what it means to be "doing well" in six areas of life; Income & Employment, Health & Environment,

Housing & Infrastructure, Education & Culture, Organization & Participation, and Interiority &

Motivation. It breaks life down into smaller, more manageable pieces that can be addressed by taking

simple steps forward.

Each indicator includes pictures and language to define what it means to "have what you need," "some of

what you need," or "none of what you need" for that indicator. The choices are color-coded green,

yellow, and red respectively; the same colors of a stoplight.

Last updated July 26, 2022