Anne Zschoche

Anne Zschoche

Administrative Assistant

Anne Zschoche (pronounced “Chucky”) has been the CCE Steuben Administrative Assistant and 4-H Shooting Sports Coordinator for the past couple years. She is a Hornell graduate and studied Architecture at Alfred State. She previously worked with Child Care Aware® at ProAction of Steuben and Yates, Headstart Support Staff and ARC of Steuben. She also assisted with the 4-H Shooting Sports program in Steuben as a volunteer and is now nationally trained in archery as well for shooting sports. .

She is organized and able to multitask which is essential for being the first face/voice everyone encounters at the front of the office and on the phone for CCE Steuben. She balances mailings, both digital and physical, with 4-H recording, printing tasks, and promotional duties. And she is always eager to learn new things. She is particularly proud of getting nationally trained for the hunting curriculum through 4-H Shooting Sports.

Anne lives in Howard with her husband, daughter and two dogs. She loves crafts, kayaking and geocaching.

Her determined, focused, and organized attitude is a key ingredient to her success at CCE Steuben.