Kelsey Monks Carry

Kelsey Monks Carry

Senior Nutritionist
Food & Nutrition

Kelsey Monks joined CCE Steuben in late 2020 as a SNAP Ed New York Nutritionist and has more recently been promoted to Regional Environmental Nutritionist. She grew up in West Michigan, and relocated to Steuben County from Chicago. Kelsey received her bachelor's degree from Northern Michigan University and holds a Master’s of Public Health from Michigan State University. She previously worked in nursing assistant positions and partnered with a Chicago-based community nutrition organization to complete an internship and her graduate practicum.

Since Kelsey has worked in allied health and community outreach with rural and urban populations, her varied experience allows her to effectively address health barriers within many groups. She currently works with the CATCH program and the Fruit and Vegetable (FVRx) program. Her goal is to influence and create policies that equitably and sustainably improve accessibility of nutrition education, healthy food and exercise spaces.

Kelsey lives in Corning with her dog. She has two older brothers and enjoys visiting her parents in Michigan. She enjoys yoga, hiking, cooking, and cross-country skiing.

With her adaptable, considerate, and perceptive personality, she is passionate about the field of Public Health and looks forward to inspiring positive change within underserved communities in the pursuit of health equity.