Nancy Reigelsperger

Nancy Reigelsperger

Financial/Energy Education
(607) 664-2573
Energy, Finance

Nancy Reiglesperger has been with CCE Steuben for over 20 years as their Financial and Consumer Educator. A graduate of Wayland Central, she holds a Bachelor’s of Business Management, Magna Cum Laude, from Keuka College. She came to CCE Steuben from a banking career with First National Bank of Wayland, Bath National, and Five Star Bank.

Nancy dubs herself as “the Money Honey” in her efforts to provide financial topics to the community. She presents financial and consumer workshops throughout the county, provides one-on-one budget coaching with individuals, and presents energy conservation workshops. She works with community professionals to provide estate planning education and developed an annual Women’s Financial Conference with Rooted Planning Group and ServU Credit Union. Her goals are to continue providing information and education on financial issues and to be a resource of choice for county residents.

Nancy lives in Wayland with her husband and dog. She has three grandsons in Virginia. She enjoys kayaking, traveling, photography and gardening.

Her empathetic, caring, and adventurous personality draws people to her. She enjoys meeting new people, working with the public, and developing programs that help people.