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Need a Slaughterhouse? New Map Simplifies Search

Are you a livestock or poultry farmer looking for a slaughterhouse and/or processing facility? You’veprobably discovered that the kind of species you raise, the unique production practices you use, and the way you market your meats are all factors in determining the type of slaughterhouse facility that’s right for you. With both state and federal systems for slaughtering and processing animals, it can be confusing to understand which certifications and exemptions apply to your farm enterprise. Once you do, it can be difficult to locate a slaughterhouse that offers the specific set of services you need within a reasonable distance.

In an effort to simplify your search for the most suitable facility, the Cornell Small Farms Program is pleased to announce a new tool, the NY State Slaughterhouse Map.

The goal of the map is to connect NY State livestock and poultry farmers to the nearest slaughterhouses and processors that will best meet their needs. From poultry slaughter and processing to the handling of non-amenable exotic meats such as farmed deer, bison, ostrich, and rabbits to smokehouses and curers, the map has indexed 45 diverse facilities at this time. You can view detailed information for each business listed, including species accepted, organic certification, religious exemptions for halal and kosher, and complete contact information. This resource also directs you to more information about what each federal and state classification, whether USDA, 5-A, 20-C, or Custom Exempt, means for your farm and your animals.

Find a facility near you! Click to access the NY State Slaughterhouse Map

Who was included in the map? 45 NYS slaughterhouse and processors are listed, but this is not an exhaustive list. We included only the facilities that granted us permission to include in the map. Many custom facilities are still in the process of being verified and are not included yet. A complete list of all USDA, NYS 5A, and NYS Custom Exempt slaughterhouses, compiled by the Cornell Small Farms Program, can be found here. This list includes slaughterhouses approved before 2010 and includes all processors, regardless of whether or not they have a kill-floor.

Help us expand the map. If you are a slaughterhouse and/or processing facility and would like to be listed on the map, please send your contact information, services offered, certifications, and species accepted to If you are on the map and would like to make a correction to the details listed for your business, please email the amendments needed.

Special thanks to Tatiana Stanton, Cornell Department of Animal Science, for advising this project.

Last updated June 16, 2015