4-Her with a dog

Dog Obedience


-Location: Howard Community Building (Exit 35 off I-86, Hopkins Road) Howard, NY

-Time: 5:00-6:00 pm

March - July Every Tuesday night

For more information please contact Michelle at 607-664-2300 or at mlc353@cornell.edu.

2023 Dog Show Dates

To Be Determined

Who Can Participate?

Any youth participant age 5-18 years old as of January 1, 2023 that is enrolled in the Steuben County 4-H Program. Members must be reenrolled by December 19, 2022 and new 4-H members must be enrolled by May 1, 2023 to be eligible to enter your dog or other projects in the 4-H division of the 2022 Steuben County Fair. Participants should be prepared to clean up after their dog as necessary.

Those 4-H members and dogs attending the NYS 4-H Dog Show must participate in the Steuben County Fair Dog Show. 

All dogs must conform to the rules and regulations of the Livestock Health requirements as determined by the Department of Agriculture and Markets. Dogs must have current vaccinations for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus and leptospirosis (as appropriate for their age). It is highly recommended to also have your dog vaccinated for Bordetella and parainfluenza virus. Participants should consult their veterinarian for further information about these vaccines as well as internal and external parasite control programs. Participating members need to provide a COPY of current vaccinations at the first class.

This is a great opportunity to have fun with your dog and learn about being a responsible dog owner.  If you are interested in more information about dog obedience Michelle's contact information is at the bottom of this page.

What Paper Work is Needed to join?

Forms listed below should be mailed in to the CCE Office before attending class

  1. A copy of the current rabies vaccination certificate
  2. Fill this registration form  out completely

General Information

Youth ages 5-7 years old must have an experienced adult on the lead at all times.

Acceptable proof of Rabies vaccination is a rabies certificate or a copy of the dog license that contains the rabies vaccination information. Acceptable proof of Rabies vaccination must include the signature of the veterinarian, the name of the product used, the date of administration and the duration of immunity. Dogs must be at least six months old to be exhibited at the Steuben County Fair or the NYS Fair.

Current state policy and insurance does restrict which breeds we can allow to participate in our program. Please contact the 4-H office if you would like to participate in our 4-H dog obedience program!

Any aggressive dog(s) will not be allowed to participate in the program and will be asked to leave class immediately. 

A dog in season must not be brought to 4-H events including Dog Obedience classes, the Steuben County Fair or the NYS Dog Show. 

Last updated February 7, 2023