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2023 4-H Market Beef Steer/Beef Heifer/Dairy Steer ONLINE Identification

Online Entries are NOW OPEN & are due in FairEntry by Monday, January 3rd


Market Beef Steers, Market Beef Heifers, Small Frame Market Beef Steers, Market Dairy Steers & Dairy Feeder Steers (Born Sept. 1- Dec. 31 2022)

  • Market Dairy Steers MUST be owned by January 1, 2023, 100% Dairy, fully castrated, dehorned, and have a minimum weight of 1,100lbs @ weigh in & cannot be over 26 months of age by Tuesday, August 15, 2023
  • All Market Beef Steers & Market Beef heifers MUST be owned by January 1, 2023 & MUST be under 24 months of age & weigh a minimum of 900lbs by Tuesday, August 15, 2023
  • Small Frame Market Beef Steers MUST be owned by January 1, 2023 (Lowline, Dexter, Mini Herefords, etc.) must be fully castrated & have a minimum weight of 700lbs and a maximum weight of 900lbs at weigh in
  • Large Frame Market Beef Steers (must be fully castrated) & Market Beef Heifers must have a minimum weight of 900lbs at weigh in
  • Dairy Feeder Steers (Born Sept 1-Dec 31, 2022) MUST be 100% Dairy, fully castrated & dehorned & are not eligible for Championship
  • USDA RFID Tags are REQUIRED for each beef animal that will be exhibited at the 2023 Steuben County Fair (Please contact the CCE Office if you need one). A 4-H Market ID Tag will be issued to each animal, once entries have been submitted.
  • After identifying your market beef animal in January, you will not have to enter another entry for county fair. However, please let the CCE Office know if you plan to scratch any of the animals you've entered BY July 17, 2023
  • RECORDS: All 4-H Members who exhibit a project in the 4-H Division at the 2023 Steuben County Fair are REQUIRED to turn at least one record on their project by Monday, September 18, 2023. It's a good idea to begin your project record, once you have your animal. Please find the records by clicking here

What Information will I need to ID my animal?

  1. Animals Name
  2. Animals Current Tag #, RFID Tag # or Tattoo #
  3. Animals Breed
  4. Animals Birthdate
  5. Animals Beginning Weight
  6. Animals Owners Name(s)
  7. Photo of Side #1 of Animal
  8. Photo of Side #2 of Animal
  9. Photo of Animals Head (Including Tag #)
  10. YQCA CertificateĀ 

Online Animal Identification Entry Steps

  1. Login/Create an account in Fair Entry
  2. Select Applicable Division for Animal (Market Beef, Market Beef Heifer, Small Frame Market Beef Steer, Dairy Steer)
  3. Choose Applicable Class for Animal (Market Beef Steer Divided by Weight, Market Beef Heifer Classes Divided by Weight, Small Frame Market Beef Steer 700-900, Dairy Steer Classes Divided by Weight, or Dairy Steer born Sept. 1-Dec. 31 of previous year)
  4. Add Animal & Animals Information (Name, Current Tag/RFID Tag/Tattoo #, Breed, Birthdate, Owners Name(s) & Beginning Weight)
  5. Continue/Review/Complete Outstanding Records
  6. For each Animal entered, Answer the set of Questions
  7. For each Animal entered, Upload Animal Photos (Side 1, Side 2 & Head Photo with Tag #) along with YQCA CerifcateĀ 
  8. Continue-Continue to Payment-Continue
  9. SUBMIT (If you don't hit submit, your entry will not be completed
  10. When your entry is submitted correctly, you WILL RECIEVE a CONFIRMATION EMAIL


Michelle Chase
4-H Program Educator

Last updated March 20, 2023