Farmers Market produce

How To Buy Local

How to buy locally produced food

Farmer's Markets

Local restaurants

  • Ask your favorite farmers which local restaurants they provide food to, and eat there!
  • Look for local food options at your favorite restaurants.

Grocery Stores

  • Seek out locally produced food at your grocery store.
  • Read labels to learn where your food was produced. The closer the better!
  • Buy foods in season. Use the Harvest Calendar in the Steuben County Farm Guide to see what is in season.

Hunt & fish

  • Hunt and fish in Steuben County!
  • Check with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation [] for hunting and fishing regulations, where to obtain licenses, and where to hunt and fish.
  • For recipes, visit the Wild Harvest Table website [].

Local Meat

  • Check out Meat Suite to find a local producer near you!

Grow your own food


  • Enjoy local food all year long! Learn how to preserve food through freezing, canning, or dehydrating; look for classes offered by Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • Be safe by using the most current food preservation methods available.

Questions? Contact:

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Steuben County

20 East Morris Street Bath, NY 14810

(607) 664-2300

Last updated March 11, 2022