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2015-2016 4-H Year

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Career Explorations

On June 28-30 11 Steuben County members and 2 volunteer chaperones participated in the NYS 4-H Career Explorations at Cornell University. Two of the 4-H members participated in the University U Program and nine of the 4-H members participated in the Focus for Teens Program. Three of the Steuben County Focus for Teen participants served as Focus Assistants. The purpose of this program is to provide youth with exposure to academic fields and career exploration, to develop leadership skills, to provide hands-on experience in a college setting and to introduce you to Cornell University. The event is made up of two grade specific tracts: University U for youth entering grades 8 - 9 and Focus for Teens for youth entering grades 10-12.

National 4-H Conference

NYS delegates at the National 4-H Conference had the opportunity to meet with representatives from the offices of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer, as well as three congressmen. They discussed many issues from community engagement of youth to increasing renewable energy resources to the importance of Smith-Lever Land Grant funding. This is a group of#TrueLeaders and shows that #4HGrowsHere — with Teishawn W. Florestal Kevelier.

Bradley Sick, Cohocton, a 12th year member the Willing Workers 4-H Club was one of 7 NYS 4-H Delegates along with 2 chaperones to attend the National 4-H Conference on April 9-14 at the National 4-H Center in Chevy Chase, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Brad said, "My round table was health and fitness and we discussed how to get youth with disabilities more involved in activities with youth without disabilities. We presented to the Presidents Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition. This worked out well for me since one of my three roommates was in the same roundtable, so I knew someone before we met and had someone that I could work with for creating our presentation. For myself some of the best moments on the trip was within my roundtable meetings for it showed how people from all over the country and from all walks of life have had similar experiences and ideas to share while remaining open minded to new ones. The trip was also very enjoyable during the workshops for it was a good way to bring more people together and to allow them to meet many new people from all over the country. The workshops also had some very interesting topics. The one that really stuck with me talked about the different ways that people expressed their opinions and how they react to the ways that ideas are expressed towards them. The monuments tour was also a nice part of the trip to go on for it allowed people to soak up the rich history that is found within DC. Also a plus that the food they served us was great. Overall I will say that this trip was one that I surely will not forget.

"The ice cream was good, the monuments were great, and the friendships will last forever."

2016 Citizenship-Washington Focus

Charlie Coley, Loon Lake Raiders 4-H Club, and Madeleine Gurecki, The Galloping Grapes, attended the 2016 Citizenship-Washington Focus Trip (C.W.F.) on July 10-16, 2016. Thank you to John Coley for serving as their chaperone. CWF is a week-long 4-H citizenship program for youth ages 14-19 that takes place at the National 4-H Youth Conference Center just miles from Washington, DC. CWF provides 4-H youth with opportunities to explore, develop, and refine their community and civic engagement skills to be outstanding leaders in their communities. Through hands-on educational workshops, and sightseeing tours in the “living classroom” of Washington, D.C., youth learn about the history of our nation, the leaders who have shaped it, and how they can apply the leadership and citizenship skills they learn during CWF when they return home. Every summer, thousands of young people participate in the program, which provides opportunities for them to:

• strengthen their communication, leadership, and citizenship skills on a national level

• understand the importance of civic and social responsibilities as they relate to the development of better citizens and leaders

• exchange ideas, practice respect, and form friendships with other youth from diverse backgrounds.

• experience hands-on learning using the historical backdrop of Washington, DC.

While on Capitol Hill they met with staff from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s office, staff from Senator Charles Schumer’s office, Congressman Tom Reed, Congressman Peter King, and had a tour of the U.S. Botanical Gardens and a Capitol Tour. Thank you to Dianne Miller, Director of Federal Relations at Cornell University for arranging these meetings.

Per John Coley the chaperone - I would strongly encourage any adult to join their children on this trip. Not only did we see many of the sights of the city, but the opportunity to visit the Congressional Office Buildings was something you do not often get the chance to do. I also feel that the programs offered by the National Washington 4-H Center provided the youth with a hands on chance to experience how things get done in politics.

Steuben County Members Excel at 2016 NYS 4-H Public Presentations

Congratulations to Victoria Kelly, Michal Eckler, and Rachel Eckler for being selected from the Finger Lakes District to participate in the 2016 NYS 4-H Public Presentation Contest that was held on June 4th at Cornell University. Steuben had 3 presentations from the 10 presentations selected from the Finger Lakes District. All three presentation’s were in the Illustrated Talk category. Victoria’s topic was “Does Your Vote Count?” Michal Eckler gave the presentation “Peter Pan, I’m Not” (topic adult coloring books). Rachel Eckler’s presentation was entitled “Love at First Sight”, (how she chose her dog, Cicero.) All did a great job. Rachel and her dog, Cicero, wowed the judges to win the highest award, the gold medal, in the Illustrated Talk Category.  

Steuben County 4-H Clothing Revue

The Steuben County 4-H Clothing Revue, was held on Friday night, May 6, at the Avoca Central School. Red, White and Blue flags, bows and bunting decorated the stage for the patriotic theme: “I Want You to Sew”.

Alyx Uhl welcomed the parents and guests. Raven Foote, Alexis Robinson, and Samamtha Towner were commentators for the evening. Cheyanne Ritchey-Yeoman, Abby Gleason, and Greta Huber lead the pledge to the American Flag and the 4-H pledge. Escorts for the evening were: Caleb Miller and Brad Sick.

The following junior and cloverbud members modeled the garments that they made: Chelsea Abbott, Marissa Abbott, Madison Conrad, Mattie Deusenbery, Amelia Feely, Ashley Feely, Emily Feely, Isabella Feely, Olivia Feely, Stephanie Fox, Abby Gleason, Amelia Gleason, Kloe Goeke, Gwen Hargrave, Greta Huber, Aubree Laverty, Ryleigh Laverty, Sophie Lambert, Hailey Martin, Evelyn Miller, Cheyanne Ritchey-Yeoman, Makayla Rizzieri, Gabriella Sick, Eddie Trautman, Jack Velez, Logan Velez, Colin Wager.

Cloverbuds recognized this year were: Chelsea Abbott, Mattie Deusenbery, Amelia Feely, Isabella Feely, Olivia Feely, Gwen Hargrave, Sophie Lambert, Hailey Martin, Eddie Trautman, Jack Velez, Logan Velez

1st Year Sewers recognized this year were: Ashley Feely, Amelia Gleason, Kloe Goeke, Ryleigh Laverty.

Senior members modeling their sewing projects were: Gabrielle Barone, Raven Foote, Molly Fox, Rachel Joseph, Victoria Kelly, Olivia Lewis, Katie Matthews, Rose Miller, Alexis Robinson, Brad Sick, Samantha Towner, Alyx Uhl.

Those chosen to represent Steuben County at the New York State Fair in 2016 are:

Raven Foote, Molly Fox, Rachel Joseph, Victoria Kelly, Olivia Lewis, Katie Matthews, Rose Miller, Alexis Robinson, Brad Sick, Samantha Towner, Alyx Uhl.

Registration was done by Vicki Thielges and Jessica McCallum. Jessica was also the official photographer. Barb Hull, Carol Reese, Sue Schwingel organized refreshments for the evening. Judges for the clothing evaluations were Phyllis Rathbun, Sue Schwingel, and Gwen Gottschall.

Members of the Clothing Committee who planned and organized the show were Helen Barone, Alyx Uhl, Phyllis Rathbun, Sue Schwingel, Jessica McCallum, Alexis Robinson, Vicki Thielges, Christine Towner and Samantha Towner. Thanks to everyone who made this revue a great success. A big thank you to the Avoca Central School for the use of the auditorium.

For information about the 4-H Clothing Program in Steuben County, contact Cornell Cooperative Extension at (607) 664-2300. 


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4-H/Youth Program Leader
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