4-H Summer Showcase

The Summer Showcase is a culmination of all the skills and knowledge that 4-Hers have learned throughout the program year. It provides an opportunity for 4-H youth to demonstrate to their families, peers and the public all the challenging work they have done and all that they have learned. Exhibitors will have their projects evaluated, receive constructive feedback and potentially be selected to represent Steuben County’s 4-H Program at the New York State Fair in August! 

Our goal is to host an event where all 4-Hers are treated fairly and equitably, are held to the same standards and are in a safe and alcohol-free environment. 

The Summer Showcase will be held July 25 – July 28, 2024, at Hendershot Haflingers 5869 Clinton Rd, Cameron Mills. 

There will be no admission fee and public is welcome to attend 9-5 Thursday - Saturday, and 10 – 3 on Sunday. Food/Drink Vendors will be in attendance.


Last updated June 18, 2024