4-H Alumni

We are looking for Steuben County's 4-H alumni!

4-H Alumni

Can you help us locate Steuben County 4-H Alumni?

  • Were you in 4-H many years ago?
  • Were your children in 4-H?
  • Were you a 4-H leader or volunteer?
  • Do you know a former 4-H’er?
  • Do you have a good story about 4-H to share?

Help us update our records by filling out a 4-H Alumni Information Card on those 4-H’ers who have moved on to busy adult lives. We want to find out how 4-H impacted their careers and how far the Steuben County 4-H influence has reached. Who went the furthest from home? What types of careers are they involved in? Don’t let us miss anyone. Print a 4-H alumni Information card or email us at crd24@cornell.edu with information on the former 4-H’ers that you may know.

Mail cards to:
20 East Morris Street
Bath, NY 14810


Jenny Groen
4-H/Youth Program Leader
(607) 664-2576

Last updated November 9, 2023