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The mission of the New York State 4-H Youth Development program is to connect youth to hands-on learning opportunities that help them grow into competent, caring, contributing members of society.

Today, more than ever before, that means providing learning opportunities to youth in our communities in a digital world. The FLX 4-H Learning Launchpad is being "launched" amid the COVID-19 outbreak to offer the high quality 4-H experience that our families value in a safe online environment.

Our objectives are to maintain a sense of connection with 4-H families across the 9 county Finger Lakes Region, connect our research based resources with new audiences, and complement at home learning.

Each weekday at 10:00am, we will post new content to our Facebook page including a variety of content areas, targeted ages, and modes including live stream, prerecorded videos, and informational sheets. This content will be available and stored on this page within 24 hours of its debut on Facebook, please check back often!

March 23 - Make a Calm Jar
March 24 - Tools for Bird watching Part 1
March 24 - Tools for Bird watching Part 2
March 25 - Fruit and Nut Slaw - Finger Lakes Eat Smart New York Program
March 26 -Backyard Nature Guide & Make a Wildlife Journal!
March 27 - At-Home Sustainability*
*For this lesson you will also need the following links: NYSERDA Energy Action at Home
EnergySTAR Kids
NYSERDA Energy Saving Tips
March 30 - Intro to Engineering with CAD
March 31 - "Little Dresses" - A Beginner Sewing Project
April 1 - Ecosystem in a Bottle
April 2 - Kitchen Scrap Gardening
Kitchen Scrap Gardening Journal
April 3 - Animal Digestion
April 6 - Chick Starting
April 7 - Natural Easter Egg Dye
April 8 - Backyard Composting
April 9 - Cake Decorating
April 10 - How to make a Dirt Shake
April 13 - Tour of Camp 4-H Bristol Hills
April 14 - Wheat to Pancakes

April 15 - Cell Phone Photography
April 16 - Soil Texture (a follow up to Dirt Shakes!)
April 17 - Pasta with Zucchini Sauce
April 20 - Part 1, Mindful Me Yoga
April 20 - Part 2, I am Yoga Part 2
April 21 - CD Weaving
April 22 - Pet Emergencies and First Aid
April 23 - What do cows eat?
April 24 - Homemade Soft Pretzels

April 27 - Fairy Gardens, Part 1 - Overview
Fairy Gardens, Part 2 - Containers
Fairy Gardens, Part 3 - Plants
Fairy Gardens, Part 4 - Accessories
Fairy Gardens, Part 5 - Putting it All Together
Fairy Gardens, Part 6 - Tips for Entering in the Fair
April 28 - Stir Fry, Cooking with Shelby
April 29 - May Day Baskets
April 30 - Lady Bugs/Citizen Science
May 1 - Careers in Animal Science
May 4 - May the Fourth Be With You (for Cloverbuds, ages 5-7)
May 5 - Japanese Children's Day
May 6 - Animal Treats

May 7 - Brain Break
May 8 - Ruminate Digestion
May 11 - Upcycling Crayons (for Cloverbuds, ages 5-7)
May 12 - How to do a Produced in NY Demonstration

May 13 - Raising a Guide Dog
May 14 - How to Make Udon Noodles
May 15 - 4-H Fishing
May 18 - Salad in a Glove

May 19 - Biking Basics
May 20 - Humming Bird Feeder
May 21 - Japanese Steamed Bread
May 22 - Flower Pounding

Also, exclusive content on Facebook - follow our chicken eggs in the incubator!!


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Last updated May 26, 2020