Cornfield at Blue Gill Farm, Steuben County

Cornfield at Blue Gill Farm, Steuben County


CCE of Steuben County is unique among local organizations in offering a continuum of education and resources that enable it to address a food systems issues in a holistic way. By working at a food-system level, we can more effectively respond to cross-cutting needs such as food safety, food access, local agriculture and community infrastructure. We offer resources for farmers, and consumers, to help strengthen our local and regional food systems.

Version 3

Grain Safety Webinar

Webinar exploring grain safety strategies

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Hightunnel conference

High Tunnel and Livestock programs

On Farm presentations from CCE-Broome

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Farming 101

Are you interested in starting a farm?

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Master Your Farm Taxes

Live preparation of an actual 2016 farm tax return

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Ag 4

Crop Syposium

2017 Steuben County Symposium

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Meat locker

Purchasing Local Meat in Bulk

Navigating the world of locally-raised meat

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Last updated February 27, 2017