Lily Pads can hurt a pond ecosystem if uncontrolled.


A pond can add both beauty and utility to your property. The following resources may be helpful as you consider building a pond, or managing an existing one.

Shovel and Pond

Building A New Pond

Successful ponds require careful planning. New ponds must be located in the best spot possible, supplied by a consistent water source, and constructed with an adequate spillway.

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brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis (Mitchill, 1814)

Stocking Your Pond

Trout, bass and blue gills are popular choices for stocking your pond. Find resources here that will explain fish choices, requirements, necessary permits, and more.

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pond and vegetation

Aquatic Weeds & Algae

Decisions about aquatic weeds have consequences for swimming, fishing, and environmental quality. We recommend a step-by-step approach to weed management.

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Cattails in a ditch, Dryden NY

Controlling Cattails

A few cattails can be desirable in a pond however they often grow into thick stands. Learn various methods to use to control them, here.

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Children Playing in a Lake

Pond Safety

Lack of close supervision, underestimating children's curiosity or overestimating their sense of judgment all contribute to young children drowning in farm ponds. Learn how to keep your pond safe, here.

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Attracting Pond Wildlife

Most ponds will attract significant wildlife without any effort on your part. Here are suggestions on how to attract or discourage wildlife from taking up residence at your pond.

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Last updated August 5, 2015