Grandma's Pie Plate

Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?


Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate? - online

  • Monday, April 27, 2020, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

There are many approaches when dividing emotionally valued assets after a loved one dies. Sometimes the process can cause a huge rift between family members at just the time they need each other the most! Don't think this could happen to your family?

Cornell Cooperative Extension of Steuben County is offering a free workshop to help guide your family in planning ahead, so it does not happen to you! 

Who Gets Grandma' Yellow Pie Plate explores the sensitivity of how to pass on personal possessions with Cooperative Extension's Financial Management Educator Nancy Reigelsperger. Whether planning ahead or making decisions when a loved one dies, the class workbook will help you and your family recognize the sensitivity of the issue, determine what you want to accomplish, decide what's fair for your family, understand how belongings have different meanings to different individuals, consider distribution options and consequences, and help you to agree to manage conflicts if they arise.

Some of the topics Reigelsperger will cover include key factors for successful non titled property transfer, determining what "fair" means, and identifying special objects and sharing stories about their history.

Last updated April 20, 2020