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Master Money Mentor Training

  • Tuesday, October 27, 2020, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

These are tough economic times so the Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Money Mentor program has been developed to assist people with their personal finances. Similar to the Extension Master Gardener program, Master Money Mentors seek to help families with low to moderate income who are struggling financially.

Volunteer mentors receive approximately 10 hours of intensive training in basic money management, strategies for dealing with financial problems, credit and debt management, saving, mentoring techniques and connecting to community resources. Following the training, each volunteer is required to provide financial mentoring, financial education, or community outreach event for at least 10 hours within one year of completion of training.

The Master Money Mentor program is a coordinated referral network designed to match mentors with people needing assistance around financial issues and promoting positive financial practices. Participants in the program receive on-on-one assistance in developing spending plans, organizing financial records, understanding credit, and planning for the future.

Volunteers do not need any prior experience to become a Master Money Mentor. Their training is provided at no cost and includes topics on ethics and confidentiality and techniques that can help facilitate a session with a mentee. . An interview, application and background check is required before being accepted into the training program.

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Nancy Reigelsperger
Financial/Energy Education
(607) 664-2573


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Last updated September 30, 2020